Monday, March 15, 2010

A Call to All of the Chickens from The First Hen of The Speckled Bird Society

Attention all you foxes (Red or not) who are in our hen houses;

This puts you on notice that we are tired of your invasions regardless of your twisted reasoning.

You have taken our property rights, insulted and demeaned, as well as threatened us.

Didn’t your sly FOXY MOMMA ever tell you not to mess with speckled birds!?

You have been responsible for deaths of some of our flock. NO MORE, NO MORE…

Get out of our hen houses, our coups.

Get off our property and find someone else upon whom to perpetrate your “fowl” deeds. We are going to peck you to death.


Come on you speckled birds! It is time to let the world know what these sly and not so sly foxes have been doing while no one has been watching. Join in, tell us your stories.

Lets unite and peck them out of our houses and coups.

First Hen of the Speckled Bird Society

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Hen House Report

The Hen House Report is a new online forum for individuals whose liberties are being violated to post their experiences and resources for others to read. Instead of holding 'anger rallies", it is time for true change. The story of some chickens who got together to kill a fox which had invaded their hen house was a message of divine providence in our time. WE CHICKENS MUST GET TOGETHER AND FIGHT FOR OUR LIVES AND FREEDOM AS WE KNOW IT.

This does not mean picketing or "pecking" at those in authority. What it means is that we had better start becoming educated and involved in some capacity to understand the power structure of our state legislature to create accountability in our elected and unelected officials who have the power to pass laws and "rules" which can be enforced by police power.

Below is a letter I wrote to a woman named Marge who wrote a story that I will be posting on our new online forum: She suffered the same type of violation of private property rights as many seniors in "retirement communities". She is 80 years old and an a wheel chair and unwilling to take it. She is the first hen of the Speckled Hen Society and a reason to hope that change can happen if we are just willing to stand and peck together.

Marge Webb is the owner of the Raindance and Sundance Mobile Home Parks in Apache Junction. She is supporting our efforts. I met her at a Tea Party meeting where I spoke to gain support for SB1146. R-Cecil Ash (previous owner of Viewpoint and now a law maker in the Arizona House of Representative) was also there and agreed he would pass his recommendation for support of our bill on to the other members of the house legislature.

Marge asked to speak to me at the end of the meeting. What she shared with me about an experience she and her husband have gone through the last few years is almost unbeleivable. It will soon be posted on: Please click to join the moms and pops of america to receive valuable information, share experiences and join a collective force of chickens watching the hen house. We will get those foxes!

If you want to join in on posting something onto a discussion, just click here and after you sign up you can create an alias name (that others will see on the site) so that your identity will be protected: Feel free to forward this on to whomever you think might want to be involved. God is in all of this!!!


Sorry its been a few days since I have checked in with you. The most amazing thing has happened. If you remember when we spoke last Thursday, we were discussing what would be a good catch phrase to get the attention of our moms and pops of america and to get the point across that we must create small focus groups to keep an eye on the boards and commissions, legislature and judiciary to hold them accountable for their postions and decisions which theoretically are supposed to secure our constitutional freedom.

I have made the topic of our Property Rights Forum this Sunday reflective of the phrase you kept reiterrating: "Who's watch the fox that's in the hen house"? This will be held after church (12-4 on Sunday March 14, 2010 at the Phillip Austin law firm where our office is located: 215 N. Robson Mesa, AZ 85201. We are located on the NE corner of Robson and 2nd St across the street from the Mesa Police Department.

After you and I had spoken last Thursday, I spent the next couple of days, designing a coupon to encourage "regular folk" to get involved with my organization; Moms and Pops of America, so that we can start to get "hen house" committees together and to promote support for SB1146, the park models rights when selling bill which recently passed the Senate by unanimous vote and which is so critical to help lift some of the oppression park model owners face:

I have printed hundreds of these coupons and have begun passing them out. I also visited with Earl Lundin, the gentleman I told you about who faught an imminent domain battle in South Dakota and won. He is also supporting SB1146 and was the one who shared key testimony in the initial hearing by the Senate Commerce Committee on February 16, 2010 (click here to see this) Note: click "Watch Video and then click SB1146" to see a video of our testimony and the legislators reactions.

Anyway, while I was visiting with he and his wife Friday evening, his wife "Molly" shared with me that she had just seen a news story the day before about a bunch of chickens who killed a fox that tried to raid the hen house. Here is the link to see one of the video clips about this story. Here are one of the comments which I find very appropriate to our cause:

Just a case of a fox doing what foxes do and birds doing what birds do. It's a bit surprising that this came out as it did, but since the birds were in the coop and could hardly get away, they had one choice.............fight or die. Amazing what adrenaline will do whether it's human, fox, or bird!!

- Beverly, Oregon, USA, 05/3/2010 05:21 (Read More)
Well I thought you would appreciate the timing on this. It is God ordained that we "chickens" come together to show what we can't do alone, together we can. The chickens in the above story prove it!

I have decided to create an online forum called "The Hen House Report". The chickens can post their stories and discoveries as they expose as we begin to expose and peck the foxes who have no business in our coops. I will be working on this over the next week with our technical people but would love to post your story if you have time to jot down your story. There is another man interested in speaking to you right now who is fighting the state trying to take his moms estate.

I also met a reporter from New Channel 3 who said she would be interested in doing a story about the Park Model issues if we can get a "poster child" for that story since this bill is currently going through legislation.

I hope to touch base with you sometime today. I hope you will be able to make it on Sunday. Earl Lundin will be and is looking forward to meeting you. Please let me know if you can make it and be sure to forward this to everyone you know that might be interested or affected.

Lobbyist for Moms and Pops of America